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Lindy Moran - Founder LP

Lindy Moran


Artist and passionate teacher, Lindy Moran, created Little Picasso with Pablo Picasso’s philosophy in mind.  “When we are young we are all artists.  We must remember to nurture the gift and hold onto it as we grow older.”

From a young age, Lindy loved art and she has vivid and happy memories of her early art teacher who was a great believer in Picasso’s philosophy.  Moreover, when Lindy became a mother her “Picasso” belief became even stronger when she explored art with her two little boys.  “It became clear to me how important art is to a child’s whole person development, confidence and how they see themselves in the world.”

When Lindy arrived in Hong Kong she had the opportunity to teach children privately.  During this time Lindy was able to test and optimize her teaching philosophy, and develop a curriculum which now lives within Little Picasso.

In 2008, Lindy created Little Picasso in a vibrant, light filled studio that reminded her of her many years in New York.

Lindy’s early art teacher and looking at art through her ‘child eyes’ played key roles in inspiring Lindy in her love of art and teaching philosophy.


Lori Ho - Owmer - Managing Director Little Picasso Studio -bio photo

Lori Ho

LORITA HO: Artist / Owner / Managing Director

Lori, an accomplished artist in her own right, has been a much loved head teacher at Little Picasso since 2012. She took over as owner in 2015 when Lindy moved to Australia. Lori has continued to expand Little Picasso’s Workshops, Semester Classes and collaborations with various hotels such as the W Hotel and The Mira Hotel. All of our ‘Little Picassos’ have gotten to benefit from her skill, expertise and sense of fun. 

After graduating from The Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring in Fine Arts, Lori applied her skills in community art projects and she developed an interest in the therapeutic aspect of art where she further her studies in the field of art therapy in the United Kingdom. She has studied Foundation in Art Therapy in the UK presented by The British Association of Art Therapists.

She moved the Little Picasso Studio to Remex Centre in Wong Chuk Hang in 2016 where under her gentle guiding hands Little Picasso has seen continuing educational innovation and ever expanding growth.

Lori has been invited to speak by select Hong Kong kindergartens and is currently doing an lecture series about the importance of art in a child’s development. Due to her broad understanding of the interrelationship between art, emotions and creativity, she is a big advocate of painting from heart. Through teaching and nurturing children she strongly believes that nurturing a child’s artistic talent will have an exponential effect in terms of inspiring and shaping the adult each will become.

Lori is fluent in English and Cantonese.


LINDY MORAN:  Artist / Founder

Originally from Adelaide, Australia Lindy studied art and communications. Art runs in her family line, with her father, a keen painter and an aunt who is an accomplished water colour artist.

At a young age Lindy loved art and specialised in sketching, drawing and pen and ink renderings.  She received several awards and her proud moment began at the age of 12 when she won the Australian Government Art Award for her pen and ink drawings of Australian Marsupials that were exhibited in the Louvre in Paris.

Lindy moved to New York City in 1984 to explore her dreams. She lived in the heart of the creative community in downtown, Soho.  In her early days in Manhattan,  she worked with a fellow Australian to introduce Aboriginal art to Manhattan art galleries and launched one of the first exhibitions in New York City.

Lindy tapped her communications skills when she worked for a Public Relations firm, Burson-Marsteller.  Lindy specialised in media relations and was widely recognised within the media, celebrities and corporate healthcare clients.  After 8 years, Lindy started her own consultancy firm, Moran Communications in Soho, New York.  During this time Lindy designed many projects for her corporate clients  to include celebrity art, and art galleries in her clients’ press launches.

In 1999, Lindy moved to Hong Kong with her husband, Vincenzo Viola, and family. She was excited to return to her passion of art and taught children privately.

In 2008, with demand growing, Lindy founded Little Picasso where she combined her experiences in art and communications with teaching children.

After 15 years in Hong Kong, Lindy returned to her native Australia and continues to work with Lori Ho from Melbourne and when in Hong Kong.

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