Quotes from Parents and Children:


I want to thank you so much for hosting such a terrific party for Luca yesterday. He was so thrilled from the beginning to the very end. The games you organised went down so well and had Kiara and Luca requesting me to show them photos of the party today, over and over again.

I’ve copied Claire in as she was the one who recommended I have the party with you and take this opportunity to thank you too, Claire, for the great idea!

~ Valerie Ng


“I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for such a wonderful party on Saturday.  The party was a big success.  All the children (including Izzy!) really enjoyed themselves and we got wonderful feedback from the parents too.

Thanks for all the trouble you went to to give the kids such a lovely time.  We really appreciate it.”

~ Abby mother of Izzy (5)


“Thank u so much for a great workshop!!! The girls had a great time and learned tons! Pls keep me posted as to what other workshops you are running. And hope to see u very very soon! ”

~ Maria Bizri mother of Leia (8) & Maya (4)


” It goes without saying that my three will be there — Little Picasso is without a doubt their absolute FAVOURITE activity. Thank you for your amazing teaching…”


“Thanks again for the wonderful lessons over the past couple of months – the children have had a ball and their art work is amazing! We are all blown away by Yorke’s leaves….they will definitely go on the wall along with Charlotte’s pink and green ‘flower’….

~ Karen Pittar, mother of Yorke (10), Angus (8) & Charlotte (6)


“I have really appreciated your gentle encouragement and skillful training – not just in art but in fostering concentration and teaching Tristan how to follow through with a big project from start to finish.  Thank you Lindy!”

– Helena Hu, mother of Tristan (5)


“Poppy ADORES you and her art classes with you, she is just so passionate and so inspired and carts her sketch pad everywhere with her now, I am so thrilled…..”

~ Mandy d’Abo, mother of Poppy (6)
The Cat Street Gallery


“Thanks for a wonderful first term. I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered a course run to your standard and with your enthusiasm before in Hong Kong. Sienna would very much like to continue with your class next term.” “Lindy I just wanted to say I’m so pleased with Sienna and your class; I can see how well she is doing she is doing some very sweet stuff thank u for guiding her.”

~ Jules Squires, mother of Sienna (6)


“The kids are looking forward (BIG TIME) to doing Little Picasso again with you, so you can definitely count us in for the 2nd session! “

-Gigi Tse, mother of Ying Ying (10) and Dominic (5)


“Thanks again for doing the art class with the girls. They absolutely loved it!”

~ Sally Krantz, mother of Clara (11) and Sophie (10)
Saffron Bakery

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