The LP Philosophy

  • Learning should be personal and meaningful.
  • Lessons must be fun and intellectually stimulating.
  • Children should learn to develop their own style of expression.
  • Children should feel together and think for themselves, not think together and feel alone.

Little Picasso  classes have a high teacher/student ratio and taught by Little Picasso’s select team of teachers.

The classes are small and tailored to children 3 years of age and above. The children are grouped together within ages 3 to 5 years, 6 to 9 years, etc.  We have found that classes with a mix of slightly older and younger children are exciting. The younger children tend to be openly creative and inspire the older ones. The older children are more skilled and demonstrate for the younger ones. It’s a great dynamic.  Of course, all instructions and demonstrations are age appropriate.

Little Picasso strives to provide you and your child with a high quality and positive learning environment.

Little Picasso’s Founder, Lindy Moran gave an inspirational talk at Yummy Mummy / Louis Vuitton’s Afternoon Tea as a PDF can be viewed/downloaded here:
Art News — Inspiring Young Creative Minds


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